How To Organise Your Walk-In Pantry

How to organise your walk-in pantry

A walk-in pantry is a fabulous addition to any home. Not only are they ideal for storing excess food and spices, but with a good structure, they can even reduce meal preparation time. If you’d like to find how to organise your pantry, keep reading.

Section Your Items

One of the best ways to organise your walk-in pantry is by sectioning your items. Each type of food, such as baking products or cereals, should have their own space. You’ll be surprised at how much time you save hunting for certain items by categorising foods. What’s more, your pantry will look far tidier, which is always a bonus!

Make Use Of Spice Racks

Installing a spice rack can make a big difference when it comes to organising your walk-in pantry. Whilst many pantries have them built-in, you can purchase portable spice racks from a range of shops and websites. For a traditional look, you could hang an over-the-door organiser at the entrance to your pantry. Revolving spice racks also make for a pretty display.

Label Containers

Another great tip for organising your walk-in pantry is by labelling your containers. In doing so, you will know exactly which items are in each container. This particularly comes in handy for storing spices, cereals and pasta. However, it also creates a delightful country kitchen aesthetic.

Hang A Chalkboard In Your Walk-In Pantry

Never forget items on your shopping list again! Hanging a chalkboard in your walk-in pantry is an excellent way of reminding yourself of what items you are running out of or need to replace. If you don’t have much space to hang a board, consider painting the inside of a cupboard with chalk paint for a similar effect.

Stick To A Cleaning Schedule

Even with a good system in place, your walk-in pantry is bound to need a good clean on a regular basis. To avoid clutter and general disarray, sticking to a cleaning schedule can be helpful. Once a month is a decent starting point to observe how things go.

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